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Permanent Brows

Shimmer Smokey With Natural Lips.jpeg

Microblading                   $299   $600

Natural hair strokes.


Powder/Ombre Brow     $299   $600

Gives the look of a powdery makeup finish.

Combo Brow

(Microblading + Shading)   

This technique combines the natural hair stroke method and the powder method 



Touch Ups                           $100

Returning clients seen within 4-6 weeks


Annual Touch Ups              $175

Returning clients seen within 12 months


Color Correction                 $150+

$150 per session


Permanent Lips & Liner

Thin Upper Lash liner      $250

Liner in between the lashes and on the lash line

Winged/ Wedged Liner   $399

Liner that goes above the lash line and has a winged effect

Velvet Edge Liner              $399

Liner that is thick and winged with a faded effect

Medium Basic Liner          $299


Lower Lash Liner                       $150

"lip tattoo" or lip "camouflage"

Lip Blush                      $399    $450

"lip tattoo" or lip "camouflage"

Lip Blush touch up       $99    $150

Clients seen within 6-8 weeks

Permanent Makeup/Tattoo

Removal                                    $150

Annual Lip Touch Up                           $199  Returning clients seen within 12 months


Fibroblast Skin Tightening

Plasma Skin Tightening is a revolutionary, non-invasive alternative treatment to traditional surgery. The treatment helps eliminate excessive tissue that causes sagging skin, unwanted wrinkles, stretch marks and even diminish scarring.


Small Areas       $199+

Upper eyes, Lower eyes, Crows feet, forehead lines, frown lines, Eyebrow lift, Nasolabial folds (smile lines), upper lip (lip Flip), lower lip, nose


Medium Areas       $399+

Full Forehead, full cheeks, jowls, hands 


Full Neck                $750

Neck + Chin = $850 

Full Face                 $850

Breast Lift               $750+

Full Stomach          $850+

Large Area Stretch marks  $500+

Jet Plasma Laser Skin Tightening

Jet Plasma uses a cold plasma technology to distribute 13,000 volts of plasma energy beneath the skin's surface. It instantly tightens skin from the inside and leaves it lifted.



  • Tightens loose skin

  • Kills the bacteria that causes acne

  • Calms Inflammation

  • Decreases Redness

  • Decreases Hyperpigmentation

  • No pain, No downtime!

IMG-9666 (1).jpg
IMG-9658 (1).jpg

Available Packages
(full face)

One Treatment    $150  


Package of 6       $600  $900


Package of 10      $850  $1,500

(best option recommended for best results)



Skin, Body, & Other Services


Custom deep cleansing facial   $150

This deep exfoliating cleansing facial will leave your skin feeling fresher, more supple, brighter and softer. Includes cleansing, exfoliating enzyme with steam , dermaplane (if needed), hydro jelly mask, custom serum, moisturizer and spf.

Microneedling          $99+

A procedure that uses tiny needles to treat scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and stretch marks

Dermaplaning           $65

A skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face.

Lash Lift & Tint          $85

Involves two separate processes, both designed to give you beautiful, fluttery eyelashes for weeks. ... It makes your lashes bend upwards, leaving them looking longer, and your eyes more open and bright. Meanwhile, a lash tint is similar to a brow tint – or applying several coats of mascara.

TCA Chemical Peel $99

This advanced corrective peel treats dehydrated skin, removes hyperpigmentation, diminishes blemishes, fine lines, scarring, and other signs of aging. Replete with plumping phytohormones such as lactic, azelaic, and kojic acids, the peel delivers refreshed, hydrated, and perfected skin without discomfort or downtime.

Laser Teeth Whitening $150

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